Monday Quote Day 


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Monday Quote Day

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Fabulous Finds Friday – some cute accessories

I love these honeycomb stud earrings. hexagon earrings


I love this cute handmade necklace.


And I think this is a cool ring.

honeycomb ring

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Things We Love: House of Belonging

I recently started following @houseofbelonging on Instagram and her artwork is absolutely beautiful.  My husband and I are starting on our adoption journey and I know that when we are blessed enough to have a child come into our home, we will need one of these amazing signs. Not to mention the ones I would want for other locations in the home…

They are absolutely beautiful and touch my heart.

For a girl:

For a boy:

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Baptism Celebration – and Decor!

A few months ago I had a daughter get baptized.  She is the type of personality that LOVES a party and LOVES all things fancy.  So I wanted to dress up the house for the week of her baptism.  We also had family and friends come over after the baptism for lunch and I wanted things to look nice and really celebrate her and her decision to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


Baptism Day

I found this big wooden 8 at JoAnn for a dollar and dressed it up.  I had an old Bible that had fallen apart recently from age and use and I cut up some of the pages into small squares and used the end of a pencil to glue them on.  I painted the number gold first so that I had that as a base to begin with.

2015-02-26 10.15.42 2015-02-26 10.15.52 2015-02-26 10.17.11

2015-02-26 10.16.26

It was fun because it reminded me of doing tissue paper crafts when I was a young child!  I realized that cutting up a volume of scripture may not be something that you want to do but since this one had fallen apart and was going to see the trash soon anyway I considered this a worth use for it.  You could purchase an old bible at DI or Goodwill or you could use dictionary pages instead.

I also made some small banners to hang up throughout the house.  For the banner I used some muslin and ironed it folded in half and then in half again like you would make a quilt binding.  Then I insereted each piece of the banner inside of the fold while stitching it closed on my sewing machine.  It was quick and I love the finished look.  I also made smaller number eights in the same way I created the large one by gluing onto the banner pieces in the shape of an 8.  I found a few 8’s that were chipboard and I painted them gold and added them to the banner as well.



6-15March.2015 12865

It was a lovely day.  Everything was sweet and fun and full of people we love.  I was happy that I had put in the extra effort to dress things up and make her feel special.  I hope you spend your energy and time on celebrating the people you love the most too!


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Monday Quote Day


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Fabulous Finds Friday – shoe edition

I’ve found some pretty cool looking shoes recently and I want them all. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about both the capsule wardrobe and the 10 item wardrobe that I mentioned last week.

It makes me want to narrow down my shoes to just a few items that I absolutely love and are comfortable. (Although sometimes two don’t go together in fashion, unfortunately.)

Here are some shoes that I have seen recently on Pinterest that I LOVE.

I just wish they weren’t $110. And it’s hard to know how comfy they are when you order online. For $110, they had better be the most comfortable sandal ever in my opinion.

And I love these boots.

boots freepeople

Yes, I guess I have expensive taste.

And these tennis shoes.



And these. At least they are on sale?


What shoes do you love? Do you have any that perfectly fit the comfy/fashionable requirement?

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What I’m working on Wednesday 

Most of my work lately has consisted of planting flowers and helping my husband build a deck in our backyard. But, I did manage to finish this bee block. It was late (and dark, as you can tell), but at least I finished it.

I am part of the #modernbee2015 group that Sarah at Noddlebug fabrics started and May was our first month. Our queen bee for May requested this block with any combination of aqua, lime green, navy, purple, or orange.  It was fun to make and did not take nearly as much time as I imagined it would.

Other than that, the only thing I’ve been working on in the sewing department is acquiring more fabric. Because… well just because it’s so pretty.

Quilt Home is one of my favorite places to order fabric from because they have good prices, great service, and I love their specials section.  Jennifer and I placed an order together last night – (when you order $50, shipping is free) and got some great deals.

This print by Anna Maria Horner is on sale right now in all colorways. The yellow is the cheapest at $5.47/yd, but all of them are a good deal today. And I really like this print



and another honor roll print that is one of my favorites from that line:


And I really like this Amy Butler print:


I’m hoping to finish up some more projects this week so I have some pretty pictures to show next week which don’t involve me spending more money on fabric.

Linking up here.

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Monday Quote Day

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Fabulous Finds Friday

Recently I found the blog Modern Mrs. Darcy and I really like her 2015 reading challenge as well as her Summer reading list.

I’ve heard of the capsule wardrobe concept before and have thought a lot about implementing it recently.  Some places to read more about it here, here and here.


It is definitely a big change, and I often consider doing it.  But, we went shopping for my birthday recently and I realized that I probably shouldn’t have done that if I was going to start the capsule wardrobe soon, because it would require more planning.

And then, recently, I watched this video on the 10 item wardrobe that Modern Mrs. Darcy posted and I like the idea of some extras which made the capsule wardrobe seem a bit less confining to me.

I’m considering doing it, but for now it has prompted me to go through my closet and ask the questions that Jennifer Scott mentioned in her video above:

Go through every single piece in your closet and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does this fit me?
  2. Is this age-appropriate?
  3. Is this my true style?
  4. Do I love this?
  5. Do I wear this?

So I’ve decided to start there. And see what I can get rid of. And try to make all new purchases with the thought of “what if this was only one of 10 in my closet?”

And, I’m pretty sure I need to get this book to help me go through it also. It’s been on my list to read for a while now.


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