About Us

We are three sisters and sister-in-laws who all love to create.  This blog is an opportunity for us to challenge ourselves, keep in touch, and share the joys of sisterhood.  Enjoy the view!

Personal introductions:

Jennifer:  A mother of 8 children who loves to steal bits of time to make things that stay done!  She loves writing, quilting, cooking/baking and gardening.  She’d love to find more time to read and finish all her projects.  She blogs about these things and life with 8 kids at Hopeful Homemaker.

Kristen: A wife who loves spending time with her wonderful husband of 7 years. She loves creating, reading and can’t wait for the opportunity when she can become a mother.  Kristen and her husband purchased their first house a few years ago and enjoy working on it together and making it a home. She loves getting together with friends and has some fun groups and traditions that she organizes every year with them. Kristen loves to sew & read, tries to practice her Spanish as much as possible and works full time. You’ll find Kristen on Instagram as @ksheffie and usually will see her posting #colormakesmehappy.

kjs_0101 - Version 2

Emily:  A creative brain who is constantly trying to learn how to be organized!  Mother to 7 children who loves to play outside and do craft projects with them.  Emily is hooked on photography and loves to sew, scrapbook, create mixed media art, garden, read, collect antiques and re-finish old furniture.  She loves paint and bright colors.  Emily blogs about her family life at And We Sailed On

Christa:  The sister-in-law. A mother of 2 amazing little girls, who lives in Mississippi, and is trying to make it as a girl from Utah now living in the South. Christa is learning.  Learning how to cook, how to sew, how to be creative, how to take a photograph that someone else might want to look at, and how to be a mother.  Hang in there with her as she learns. You can read more about her and her family at That’s the Future!

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  1. Shawna Wolfe says:

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