Fabulous Finds Friday

Happy February!!

I’m staying warm and having a happy Friday. It doesn’t hurt that I’m wearing this fabulous new hoodie. (and no, that’s not me. even though  I wouldn’t mind being skinny like her).hoodie

Here are my other fabulous finds from this week. This is great and totally made my day:


I really want this bag.



I took this picture from a Real Simple magazine the other day. It’s not high quality but I love it.


I have finally found the fabric I want to use in my kitchen curtains.  I have some off white curtains I’ve purchased that need a tad more length so I have been looking for fabric to sew to the bottom. I’m 80% sure this is it – I just need to make sure it won’t clash too much with my blue ceilings.


This quilt is cool:

Source: filminthefridge.com via sisterview on Pinterest

What have you found this week?

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